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Special Offer:   Free Initial Consultation with UK Immigration Lawyers

Get a free Initial Consultation with UK Immigration Lawyers

Added by 121 Immigration Lawyers on 08/09/2019

Review: Security Guards Uk

Have just finished a long term, multi year contract with Security Guards UK due to no longer requiring security. The guys in the office are so reliable and can be reached 24/7. The guards they send out are constantly to a high standard & they are selected to best suit your site requirements.

Reviewed by John O'kelly on 16/08/2019

Review: Golden City Takeaway

We (couple) ordered a mountain worth of food from Golden City. Taste wise, average. We ate the food, but would not go back there and would not recommend this place to anyone. We finished eating at around 6.30pm ish. We started feeling unwell between 12-2am. The first symptoms were, vomiting frequently, and feeling nauseous. Our health quickly deteriorated, and we needed medical attention immediately. Our symptoms upon arrival at A&E were, fever between 38-39C, diarrhoea, clammy, disorientated/feeling faint, vomiting, feeling cold even though we both had fevers, and sever abdominal pains. Following a batch of checks, questions, tests and examinations, and hours upon hours of waiting. The doctor diagnosed us with gastroenteritis (food poisoning). Due to the severity of our symptoms, the doctor and two nurses asked, which takeaway was the food from? "Golden City on Highters Heath lane, close by to our house" I replied. After being discharged from the hospital, and a very long discussion. We decided, it is in our right to confront Golden City, and ask for a refund. As well as, letting the public know what happened to us after eating the food from Golden City, by publishing what happened on the internet. Allowing the public to make an informed decision themselves, when it comes to eating from Golden City. The next day we went to confront Golden City. We briefly explained what happened to the cashier, and asked for a refund. And oh boy, the lady did not look happy at all after my husband finished speaking. If looks could kill, that would have been one of them. She was awfully rude, and even had the audacity to call us both liars! She asked, why did we not contact the takeaway earlier if there was something wrong with the food, and why it took us a whole day to complain. As you can imagine, we were both in a complete state of shock, absolute disbelief, and speechless. Clearly, she either, did not listen to a word what we said earlier or we were speaking in a different language. But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she's having a bad day. I get that, so I was going to calmly explain what had happened to her again. But my attempts all failed, because my goodness, I could not get a word in. She refused to listen to me, raised her voice and effectively silenced anything I said. It was a communication catastrophe. Suddenly, angry shouting to the front, and from the back kicked off, (not in English). There were several voices overlapping each other, but we are sure there was at least one man, who sounded the very angry. A few women's voices, who weren't as loud but still sounded angry? annoyed? maybe both? Unsure. But we were sure about one thing, we were out numbered. If things got out of control, I/we did not want to be there. Honestly, I felt terrified. We had no idea what was happening or what was being said. Whilst the shouting was still happening, we swiftly left, never to return, they can keep our money.

Reviewed by Ava S on 10/08/2019

Special Offer:   10% Off during Selected Months

Call today and ask about this months deals. You could receive upto 10% discount.

Added by Mr Wombles Tidy Home And Garden Company on 11/07/2019

Special Offer:   Free Quotations

Free Quotations provided for all work carried out.

Added by Mr Wombles Tidy Home And Garden Company on 22/07/2019

Special Offer:   Foster carers urgently required in West Midlands

Sunbeam Fostering Agency is one of the largest and most progressive independent fostering agencies in London and the Midlands, providing good quality and innovated family placements to children in care. Sunbeam is an established Independent Fostering Agency that provides a range of fostering placements to meet the needs of looked after children. The organisation is managed by a team of experienced, qualified professionals who provide innovative and needs led service to children and young people in foster care. To start off you enquiry, Sunbeam will contact you for an initial discussion and arrange for an enquiry form to be completed over the phone or online. If the enquiry is positive a worker will call you to book an appointment to come out and see you if you wish to proceed further with your enquiry. Sunbeam Fostering, Arion Business Centre, Harriet House 118 High Street Erdington, Birmingham B23 6BG Tel: 0121 306 7915 (or) 02476 420 390 https://sunbeamfostering. com

Added by Sunbeam Fostering - Birmingham Resource Centre on 23/07/2019

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Added by Wrights Plastics GPX on 23/07/2019

Special Offer:   Istanbul Tours - Cheapest Turkey Trip from UK at very Low Prices

Even if you are just in the beginning stages of planning your Istanbul Tour, this guide will show you why Istanbul is a remarkable travel destination. Istanbul houses monuments of the two magnificent Empires; Byzantine and Ottoman. It is the city of mosques, churches, and palaces. It boasts of breathtaking architecture and artistry. Its geography which divides it into Asia and Europe is its incomparable glare. Istanbul's museums and art galleries can engage visitors for days. Istanbul also offers the opportunity to take a famous Turkish bath. The Grand Bazaar comprises thousands of shops that sell a variety of articles. The Egyptian Bazaar is the best place to relish upon Turkish foods. With these distinguished marks, Istanbul has a lot more to cool your eyes and placate your taste. Istanbul Tour Packages: 1. Sabeel Travels offers you a variety of tour packages to discover Istanbul. 2. You can choose from our 2 to 7-night affordable Istanbul tour packages. 3. They include a visa to Turkey, flight and hotel booking, buffet breakfasts and transfers. 4. Check the list of our partner hotels we offer during your stay in Istanbul on our website. 5. The most important feature of our Istanbul tour packages is their affordability. 6. This is what distinguishes us from other tour operators. Packages Include: 1. Hotel in Istanbul(Fortune Hotel Sultanahmet/Holiday Sultanahmet/Sura Hotel Sultanahmet). 2. Visa Incuded. 3. Full Transfers Included(Luxurious and air conditioning Buses). Features: 1. Free wifi. 2. Free parking. 3. 24 Help Desk.

Added by Sabeel Travels on 23/07/2019