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Special Offer:   Intensive courses

These courses are to help people who want to pass their driving test quickly. Some people are in a hurry when it comes to passing their driving test so these types of courses are the best thing to do. Whilst rushing into passing your driving test can be a bad thing we like to make sure that with these courses you are still going to be safe on the road.

Added by Rsm Driving School on 24/08/2016

Special Offer:   Special Offers

A 15% discount for all IT and Business Skills training courses. Free supply of computers for training at your office. Free Skills Assessment for up to 8 people (Microsoft Office only). Discounts also available for charities and organisations in the Government and Public sectors. Call us on 01527 61451 for more information.

Added by Insight IT Training Ltd on 24/08/2016

Special Offer:   Web Design

We have massive sale ,please visit us on

Added by Jaffapc on 23/08/2016

Special Offer:   10% DISCOUNT OFF TWO ASSETS

Added by Bens Inflatables on 17/08/2016

Special Offer:   1 hour of free mortgage advice.

Get 1 hour with our advisors and find your best deal and the maximum loan available.

Added by aFinancial, mortgages made simple on 17/08/2016

Special Offer:   10 Hours Driving Lessons from only £89

Call us or visit our website for details

Added by Homers Driving School on 17/08/2016

Review: Tekmeister Ltd T/a Mushtaq's Food Machinery

Do NOT use this company. We have spent over £10,000 on machines which we have not received. It's been 18 months of empty promises and lies. This has happened to many of their customers. Currently trying to recover the money through the legal system.

Reviewed by Ankit A on 17/08/2016

Review: Hide 'N' Suede

There is no sign at the till informing customers they do not give refunds. You'll need to search the shop, Hide n Suede more like Hide n Seek! Searched the shop to find a very small sign under a shelf. If I had known their no refund policy I would not have made the purchase. According to Manager not knowing their policy was my problem not theirs, I should have asked. So beware don't buy from independents if you're expecting the same customer care you're used to. They were all very nice when I was trying Sandals on but of course they would be they wanted the sale. I did express several times I thought they looked too big and felt was unsure. They assured me not but when I got home tried Sandals on again walking around, I was not satisfied with fit, they were too big. Took Sandals back but Manager indicated there was nothing I could say or do, they don't give refunds full stop. Manager was not willing to listen in the slightest, even started writing credit note out, not looking at me and I'd not finished what I was saying. Also asked her questions but was not willing to listen or answer until I pushed for a response, very unreasonable and rude attitude. Did point out slight fault too again not willing to listen. I did speak to Trading Standards who have indicated because the Sandals I bought were not fit for purpose and there was a slight fault to ring shop again. Rang shop to explain my conversation with Trading Standards still not willing to listen. Take me to court was the answer, lovely! Really bad and archaic customer care. Beware if you are buying from this shop, really make sure you're 100% if not don't buy! I begrudge giving one star but unable to post review if not.

Reviewed by Jeanette Harris on 12/08/2016